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Post - summit

Post Summit Activities
  • January 5, ECHO workshop at CIMS Hospital - Click Here
  • Jan 5, Tour to Akshardham, Gandhinagar
  • January 5-8, 2014 –AAPI Health Camp
  • Jan 7 - 9, 2014 -PravasiBhartiya Divas - New Delhi
  • Jan 10 - 12, 2014 AAPI - CIMSCON CME Conference – Ahmedabad - www.cimscon.com

Post Global Summit Rural Medical Camp Jan 5th-8th at RMS Hospital Dhandhuka & Timbi
View More - www.rmshospital.org

January 5: Bus will depart 7am from Ahmedabad convention center for Dhandhuka
9 am: Welcome & breakfast at RMS hospital
10 am - 1 pm: pt in clinic, surgery, rounds at hospital
1 pm – 2 pm: Lunch
2 pm – 5 pm: Health-clinic
6pm - 10 pm: Sight-seeing & Dinner

January 6-7: Similar program ( 9 AM to 6 PM then sight seeing)
January 8: Optional

Cost to Host committee (Transport, Accommodation, Food, sight-seeing etc)

$200/pp or $300/per couple (Irrespective whether spouse is a Dr) to cover our to and from Ahmedabad transportation, boarding and lodging, and some sight-seeing to nearby places for those who want to do so. Quarters will be at RMS hospital or our host will arrange private quarters or houses with good sleeping arrangements with shower & western- style-toilet facility . Food preparation done by properly trained Dr Bhalani's staff who are aware that most Dr's and Volunteers prefer mild/moderately spiced and healthy food. Hospital has ROS plant so cooking and drinking is with clean water . All food preparation are done with proper hygiene standard in ROS water.

We will conduct this medical Camp on Jan 5 thru 8, immediately after the AAPI GHS. Dr Bhalani of Goodwill foundation will be responsible for this. He has conducted several free-international medical camps, almost yearly for past 5 years, under Dr's Goodwill Foundation of Florida. AAPI -Cf andAAPI will be partners. Dr Nick Shroff and Nitin Shah are co-chairs for this health camp. Nitin is an anesthesiologist and Intensivist & Chair of Medical Missions and Community Service Committee. Mr Praveen [son of RMS family] will serve as local co-coordinator. Dr Natvar Rajpara ,Chief of Medicine (Carroll Hospital Center), Westminster, MD will also serve as co-coordinator. Individual physicians who wish to participate this noble effort and send their checks to AAPI- office directly.

The RMS Hospital and our health camp will focus on providing quality medical care and educating public on disease prevention. Currently, this hospital, serves approximately 450 Villages. Many people with illnesses such as heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many infections are not diagnosed timely.We expect to diagnose and assist in treatment of these and many other conditions.

Request all Dr's to bring stethoscope, Otoscope, pen light, Finger pulse oximeter etc if they can bring this for their use . AAPI Dr's requested to help and request med,surgical & dme supplies from India based pharma ,med supplies company . We can also ask our USA pharma companies & can also request to Indian subsidiaries to give meds ,surgical supplies for this med health camp-mission.

For further information, please contact:
AAPI Co-ordinators:
Dr. Kanti Bhalani: 3212985531, or Email: kbhalani@hotmail.com
Dr Nick Shroff or Dr Nitin Shah: 562-244-9035 (cell), 562-683-1221 (pager), Email: nickshroff@gmail.com

Joint International Conference - JIC 2014

For Detail Contact Dr. Ronak Shah
Mob: +91 9323271274
Email: ronak_tanmay@yahoo.co.in